Benefits of The Best You Legacy Club Membership

The Best You Legacy Club Marbella- Benefits of Membership

Yearly membership equates to only one dollar a day.  For this, you get an incredible amount for your money, including:

  • Access to any Legacy Club globally, with amazing networking and brainstorming opportunities and impressive, world-renowned speakers.

  • Twelve months, 24/7 access to The Best You Legacy Club online, one of the fastest growing personal development platforms, with superb new content added each month

  • Access to seminars and webinars

  • Complimentary annual subscription to The Best You magazine.

  • Free E-Books.

  • Discounts to The Best You Legacy Club products and services including expo speaker platforms and VIP tickets.

  • Free annual subscription to The Best You exclusive NLP Life Training programme plus Free access to The Best You Turning Pro Programme

Wallet Members Card

As a member, you will receive The Best You Legacy Club digital card to add to your digital wallet on your phone. Once you are a member, this card provides you access to front row seats at all our events, massive discounts and access to any of our Legacy Clubs in the world.

Also Included

•         First access and notification of all new events and early bird tickets.

•         First access to all original content including podcasts and webinars.

•         Free access to the Turning Pro Online 6-Month Programme valued at $4500.

All this exciting content is included in The Best you Legacy Club Membership.


Membership will put you in the spotlight and connect you to equally talented and like-minded people. Through regular workshops and networking events, you will find yourself thinking differently and working in a new, unique way.

The Best You Legacy Club helps you connect to an impressive community of like-minded people in a variety of ways.  Benefit from learning new skills at our regular hands-on workshops, attend inspirational talks by influencers at our monthly events, or clink glasses at one of our luxurious event locations where members have free access to many exciting occasions where typically tickets sell out quickly. 


For any questions about membership and all it entails, please fill out the contact form here

Your membership is what you make of it, and we are proud of how involved The Best You Legacy Club members are as educators, mentors, and leaders in this community. Being a Best You Legacy Club member allows you to share your skills and knowledge base in a variety of ways whether it is leading an informative panel discussion or to give a Best You Legacy Club talk.

The Best You Legacy Club community is your community, and we look forward to receiving your involvement when you join us.  Pledge your support, become a better version of yourself by contributing your knowledge and bringing your voice to the table.

Want more info? Contact Glenda Smithson or Kathleen Parker

Glenda Smithson