How to Survive in a Perplexing Online World

In today’s fast-moving, tech-driven revolutionary, new world order, it is incredibly important, to survive and thrive, to have an understanding and be a part of this amazingly interconnected planet.  Social networking and communication apps such as TikTok, WhatsApp and Telegram make it so very easy to reach out to almost anyone, everyone and at any time of the day or night.  

The drawbacks of this new world order are unwanted correspondence. We have all been on the receiving end of spam, a barrage of unwanted advertising, fake news, trolls and keyboard warriors.   This competing for attention online is out of control and building a credible online space for marketing your business online is predominantly reliant upon creating an environment of trust and dedicated hard work.  

Here are some useful tips to help your business have its rightful online place.

Never underestimate the power of social media.


It is almost guaranteed that any product or service today will be available online, be easy to find and purchase, be reviewed and criticised by thousands.  Today’s buyers have the luxury of researching online from their living room exactly how a product is perceived and received.  This will be either in writing or by video.  In a tech-driven environment, selling is a difficult job and this age-old profession may soon be redundant in this fundamentally buyers’ market.  

To stand out from the crowd you will require exceptionally creative content and be a master of storytelling to reach out to your target market.  Creating great online content is vital.  Do this by thoroughly knowing your audience and allowing your audience, who will become your customers to determine exactly how their needs should be filled.  The power of social media allows for exactly this.  Invest in slick imagery, engaging content and entertaining features and current up to date information.  This will ensure you stand out, get noticed and have that all important love affair with your target market. 

Associate, merge and become one with your customer

Quite often sellers of a product or service will not focus on the solutions that clients are looking for and instead be totally engrossed in the product or service itself.  Big mistake!  Creating something that supplies a need in the market will ensure that your product or service sells itself.  Customers will realise that your product or service is a must have to benefit their lives.  This, in turn, will start a conversation which will, in turn, become a topic of interest to new potential customers.  Creating this chain reaction online will ensure that your product suddenly becomes that trending item, the item added to wish lists and the subject of hashtags!

Getting down and dirty, understanding the vocabulary, terminology and phrases used in the real world by real people will bring you closer to your customers and warm you to them.  Language and vocabulary are constantly changing and evolving.  Understanding and adapting will be your secret weapon to allow access into that select group you need to infiltrate to sell your products and services.  But ensure you do it with meaning and empathy, as today’s buyers are certainly not gullible or naïve. 

In my opening paragraph, I spoke about unwanted spam and all-engulfing advertising.  This will never be welcomingly received by your customers or potential customers.  Notify by posting engaging and relatable information about your business online, on your website, on your social networking platforms.  Let the viewers make their own choices on what they wish to consume.

Provide answers and solutions

Use the power of social media and all the resources at your fingertips to create and share photos, provide free, downloadable content and informational videos showcasing how your product or service operates in real life situations.  Engaging your readers and viewers in this way will ensure they learn, understand and enjoy knowing how to use your product to their advantage.  This way, indirectly you are providing solutions to problems in such a way that your customers will appreciate.

Ensure you are fully aware of and follow any blogs of affiliates or ambassadors endorsing your product.  There will always be a scenario where a question about the product or service is raised.  By engaging and interacting will boost buyer confidence, as you are the expert providing a wealth of knowledge.  Your customers will respect and appreciate you for participating, connecting and sharing your expertise. 

Stay on top


Technology and social media wait for no man and it is important therefore to keep on top, keep abreast, keep checking and keep updating.  Numerous social media management apps provide that crucial 24/7 online presence.   There are many to choose from, including Crowdfire, Buffer, and Hootsuite, three of many great apps that help you schedule your posts, monitor comments, engage with followers.  Other benefits include the ability to analyse and download reports across all your social networking platforms.  Prices vary depending on what level you require from individual applications.  Many apps provide a free service for small businesses with varying prices depending on their use and the number of managed platforms required.

In any event, they are an invaluable tool, essential for modern marketing as they help businesses stay fully integrated with their followers. Features include monitoring statistics, followers, mentions, popular posts, posts that went viral plus a whole lot more depending on the package.  A marketing essential for today’s modern business.

Maintain resiliance in the face of adversity

All the topics mentioned above will be outdated very quickly, tech is constantly updating and moving onwards and upwards.  New technologies are being tested every day and what is trending today will be redundant tomorrow.  You should harbour no fear of change as you are prepared to stay outside your comfort zone and retain a basic understanding and grasp on unpredictable technology.  Nothing is stopping you achieve true greatness. 

There will always be a slight chance of a keyboard warrior or internet troll attempting to undermine you and your business.  Be fully aware that this type of provocation applies to every online business who dares put themselves out there, for the sake of their livelihood.  Don't be put off by unwanted discourse directed at you by these malicious disruptors.  If in the unfortunate event, it does happen to you, know that you are not the first, and you certainly are not the last.  Learn to deal with it by reporting and blocking and witty comebacks but, whatever you do, don’t let them beat you!


Genuine critics and competitors will have plenty to say about you. But better it is out there in the open, in writing, allowing you to come back with counter-criticism or justifications.  Take on board genuine criticisms but be prepared to defend your baby!  

Take the plunge into this new, socially driven online marketing environment.  Embrace all its advantages, which will outshine any disadvantages and ultimately provide you with the edge needed to survive today in business. 

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Glenda Smithson