Events @ Get Inspired Marbella

Get Inspired Marbella holds various events, including lunches, dinner and special events, all designed to inspire and empower whilst incorporating relaxation and personal development to help build the person as well as the business.

Topics include producing a Business Success Roadmap that brings together systems and administration to help organise your business.

We are able to help with company administration through our referral partners in any location and can advise on the correct choice of jurisdiction for you.

Get Inspired Marbella is also a campaigner for local businesses and we support various charities in the area.

We are pleased and excited to announce our next event is an evening meeting with a very special speaker - Beran Parry.

Beran is a Nutritionist and Health coach and will be sharing her knowledge to help us all become the Best You in mind and body.

All of our meetings follow the same format and are in 3 sections -
1. Business networking and help,
2. Defining your legacy and making a plan to implement this,
3. Inspirational speaker.

We also leave our mobile phones and egoes at the door and commit fully to this time to develop our minds and connect with our group.

But let’s be clear, this is NOT another business networking group.

It’s not another of the million “masterminds” where the ultimate intention is to sell you something else!

We brainstorm
We collaborate
We inspire and motivate
We help each other and support each other
We make connections and introductions
We are reconnecting in a disconnected world

MOST importantly we will help YOU find your legacy

We believe The Best You equals a Better World.

Entry fee is 10 euros for non members, free for members, if you wish to become a member please click this link to join

All attendees will be entitled to a discount on future events or courses provided by Get Inspired Marbella. Food and drink is available directly from the venue.